Martin Mathieson

Martin is responsible for all aspects of the firms technical liability adjusting operations. He has over 30 years experience in the industry, with significant experience in the handling of complex, high value and sensitive claims. Large and unusual claims that he has handled include:-

  • Represented Insurers of the Football League following a high profile incident involving an altercation between a Manager and prestigious player;
  • Collapse of large scaffold structure involving fatalities and multi claimants with significant injuries;
  • Double fatality caused by fireball whilst operatives were lining the interior of an industrial chimney;
  • Fatality on a lake when a vessel capsized during a marketing event;
  • Represented Insurers of a fertility clinic following patients birth of triplets (was planning one child only).

Martin has held senior management and board positions in both Liability and Property adjusting disciplines and has experience of working for Brokers, Insurers and niche/specialist adjusters.

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"Strength in Depth"