Mathieson-Ingham support view that specialist Adjusters proide "Real" value

I would like to echo the comments expressed by Alun Gwatkins in response to PMs Review of the Year Loss Adjusting.

There are examples of some adjusters deskilling their work force and/or outsourcing to cheaper alternatives.This is perhaps more economical for the adjuster, however, often arguments can be lost as a consequence of poor investigation techniques, inexperience and/or a failure to explore avenues of enquiry.This inevitably leads to financial leakage and the claims handling process becomes unnecessarily protracted resulting in associated costs.

When clients outsource work they are primarily looking for sustainable and tailored long term business models, which add real value to their product.Clients pay good money and expect the best service available.This can be more often achieved by the smaller to medium sized niche specialist firms.

Expansion and acquisition has in some respects been the only way in which some adjusters have been able to grow.It is the smaller adjuster who has attracted the work primarily on account of providing a highly technical and market leading service.When absorbed into a larger firm the quality and tailored approach can often be adversely affected.

Whilst many insurers may prefer large adjusters, there is growing evidence that many of the industries leading insurers are choosing smaller firms, where they recognise there is often a greater value for money.

Martin Mathieson-Director of Claims

Post Magazine: 22nd January 2007