Complaints Charter


To ensure all complaints are handled promptly and to a satisfactory conclusion. If however a satisfactory conclusion cannot be agreed, a final decision communicated to the customer within a reasonable period of time. Our procedures comply fully with industry and statutory protocols and regulations.


Whilst the definition of complaint maybe somewhat subjective, MI Adjusting will consider any expression of dissatisfaction, whether it be verbal or in writing, regarding our service, as a complaint.


At MI Adjusting, we make every effort to provide a level or service in which we can take pride. However, if you feel that you may have cause to complain regarding our service, we will treat your complaint with the necessary care and attention. We will handle your complaint in a courteous, considerate and professional manner. All our staff are fully conversant with this charter and our complaints handling protocol.

On receipt of a complaint, either verbally or in writing, we will endeavour to establish whether the nature of the complaint is such that it can be resolved immediately. If your concerns have not been resolved by the loss adjuster handling your claim, the matter will be referred to the appropriate line manager.

The line manager will contact you to discuss the details of your complaint and provide you with reassurance that the matters giving rise to the complaint will be considered under their control and supervision. If the complaint is found to be justified the matter will be settled as quickly as possible.

In the event that your complaint cannot be resolved by the means above, it will be referred to a member of the senior management team.

If no resolution can be agreed, you may have the right to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Their authority is restricted to certain categories of business only, details of which can be obtained by contacting the F.O.S.

Service Standards Business Days

Event Action by MI Adjusting

If we cannot adhere to these timescales we will inform you, in writing, of the reasons why we have been unable to do so and give you details of when you can expect to receive a final response.

This does not affect your right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service, if eligible to do so.

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