Litigation arising as a result of road traffic accidents is becoming more common as Court awards increase and injured parties become more aware of the compensation that may be available to them.

MI Adjusting are industry recognised as commanding significant experience in the investigation of road traffic accidents, not only involving cars, but also buses, heavy goods vehicles, farm equipment and motorcycles. Our detailed knowledge and investigation techniques are invaluable in terms of information gathering and understanding how an accident occurred.

Why appoint MI Adjusting?

It can often be very difficult to determine the precise cause of road traffic accidents because:-

  • Witness statements may conflict or may be inaccurate;
  • The parties involved may not wish to show themselves in a bad light;
  • Accidents by their nature occur very quickly;
  • Very often, there is more than one contributory factor;
  • There can be large amounts of compensation at stake;
  • Witnesses may be influenced by the severity of injuries.

Road traffic accidents may be caused in many ways;-

  • Lack of attention;
  • Excess speed;
  • Poor visibility arising from weather conditions, obstructions, time of day or road layout;
  • The influence of drink, drugs or fatigue;
  • Vehicle defect of inadequate maintenance.

In today’s climate, it is critical that Insurers source accurate information to enable them to make an early judgement on liability and quantum. Comprehensive compliance statements are obtained from policyholders, drivers, witnesses and other relevant parties. Our tailored reports are supported by digital photographs and computer generated sketch plans.

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