Fraud Handling and Investigation​

Despite commendable measures and notable successes within the Insurance industry, the extent of fraud and the cost thereof continues to escalate.

MI Adjusting actively support the collective efforts made by Insurers and that of the FCA insofar as their statutory objective of reducing financial crime, fraud and dishonesty, falling within the definition of financial crime.

Our experienced Adjusters and Claims Handlers are trained to identify potential fraud as part of our first notification of the fraud process. Combating fraud can be challenging: unlike many other areas of claims handling there are no hard and fast rules. A gut feeling should always be followed up, but much more is required to successfully establish a case of fraud.

MI Adjusting benefit from many years experience of fraud handling and investigation. Our Southern Managing Adjuster benefits from having held a senior Claims Manager position, to include fraud, with a major UK Insurer. His extensive training and experience has included participation and training events at home and abroad.

In addition to our in-house experience, MI Adjusting work closely with Insurers panel solicitors in leading the fight against fraud. We constantly review and refine our fraud management processes and reporting procedures to ensure that we are abreast of current trends and are able to react accordingly.

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Ray Phair - Managing Adjuster - South
“Committed to Tackling Fraud”