As the use of outsourcing increases, there is a necessity for Insurers and Brokers to audit the performance of those acting on their behalf.

This has intensified through the FCA’s demand to have outsourcing audits completed independently.

Poor claims handling and a lack of pro-activity in dealing with claims may lead to third parties exploiting the claims handling process, resulting in an increase in legal costs and premiums.

MI Auditing Services provide an independant and impartial audit of third party claims handling by Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Brokers and Lawyers

Our experienced insurance professionals offer Clients a complete range of audit services. Our specialists monitor and record consistency and compliance, thereafter offering valuable recommendations to improve efficiency, service delivery and reduce financial leakage.

MI Auditing Services work closely with their Clients to find sensible, pragmatic and cost effective solutions to all auditing and claims management requirements.

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Tina Whelan - Director of Operations & Business Services
“Adhering to Best Claims Procedures”