Environmental Services

Increasing legislation, in particular the introduction of the Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations (EDR) dictates that environmental claims need to be very carefully considered, with stringent control and regulatory compliance being critical.

Whilst the EDR imposes financial responsibility on the polluter, it is nevertheless essential that the correct skills set is engaged to address the complex issues, control costs and avoid expense spiralling. Policy coverage issues also warrant careful consideration to ensure correct application.

To understand the various intricate issues, it is crucial that a highly skilled environmental Adjuster be appointed: in this respect, MI Adjusting offer a Specialist Division, dedicated to the investigation and handling of these complex claims.

How we can help

Solutions are primarily dealt with on a Project Managed basis: MI Adjusting work in partnership with specialist contractors, consultants and independent experts to guarantee that our Insurer Clients are provided with a seamless one-stop service, reducing overall cost expenditure through the application of technical expertise.

Sensitivity to reputation and commercial issues are paramount and emphasis is placed upon effective communication between all parties and the delivery of solutions to mitigate exposure. Early investigations are paramount, enabling our Clients to promptly and accurately evaluate policy coverage, liability and quantum issues.

For further information about our Environmental Division please contact:

Martin Mathieson - Director of Claims
"Knowledge is an Investment"