MI Adjusting acquired our sister company, Dispute Mediation Services in 2010.  DMS is devoted to the cost effective resolution of commercial and civil disputes.

Mediation is a non-adversarial, voluntary and confidential process of resolving disputes in which an unbiased third party (the Mediator) assists those involved in the dispute to find a mutually acceptable resolution without the need for litigation and or having to attend Court.

What are the advantages of mediation?

  • Cost effective – Can cost significantly less than litigation;
  • Non-confrontational atmosphere – Avoids Court, which can often be intimidating;
  • More Control – The disputing parties ultimately decide how a case may be settled.  It is always within their control;
  • Confidential – Mediation is entirely confidential, unlike Court Proceedings which have the potential to attract publicity.  Privacy from the media, competitors and others is assured;
  • Easy and quick to arrange – Can be arranged promptly and often at short notice.  Mediation is much quicker than litigation;
  • More focus on feelings and fairness – Courts tend to concentrate on legal rights, wrongs and duties, whereas mediation acknowledge feelings and the parties’ needs;
  • Encourages future co-operation between parties – Mediation improves communication, can bring about consensus and can restore/help re-build relations;
  • Win/Win Situation – There are no losers because the solution is mutually agreed and cost-effective.

In so many cases, the best time to mediate is before the litigation begins.  It is not a sign of weakness to suggest mediation, it is the hallmark of common sense.  Mediation is a perfectly proper adjunct to litigation.  The process and results that can be achieved are astonishingly good and cost effective.

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